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Addax Hunting:

Texas Location: Brackettville Ranch
Country of Origin: Sahara Desert, Africa
Name Variations: Screwhorn Antelope
Related Species: Horned Oryx or Scimitar

The Addax is an endangered species in their native land. There are sparse pockets of Addax traveling in small herds and spread out across the Sahara Desert in Africa. Biologists have speculated there are approximately 500 African animals in the wild but some researches speculate that their numbers are closer to 200.

Addax numbers in Texas are healthy and growing. Several animals escaped from a private zoo in 1971 and since then the population has been growing. The last serious population census was conducted in 1996 where researchers came up with the number of 1824 Addax in West Texas. Since there is very limited hunting for Addax and their survival rate in the Texas landscape is outstanding, it is estimated that their numbers could be close to 4000 animals in 2010 and growing. Texas is a big place and 4000 animals are not many. However, the vegetation and landscape on our Brackettville and Marfa Ranches is just what the Addax enjoy and we do have Addax on our ranches in high enough numbers that we are able to offer a Addax hunt.

The Addax, also known as the Screwhorn Antelope, can get to be a good size. Females are generally smaller and are common in the 130 to 170 pound range. Adult males can reach 275 pounds and 4 feet tall at the shoulder. The males are in demand because of their long horns. 47 inches or longer is considered a trophy. The Addax is more valuable than just a hunting trophy. Their meat is a delicacy. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt not only ate Addax on special occasions, people of high status were buried with their horns to protect them in the afterlife.

Addax are still rare so please contact us for availability. We will not book a hunt for Addax unless we know there are enough accessible animals for you to have a successful hunt.