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Aoudad Ram Hunting:

Texas Location: Marfa Ranch
Country of Origin: North Africa's Atlas Mountains
Name Variations: Barbary Sheep, Aoudad Sheep, audad, udad
Aoudad Ram Hunting Gallery

The Aoudad, sometimes called the Barbary sheep, is a very hardy and intelligent animal. It's ability to retain water from sparse vegetation and survive long periods of time without water gives it the ability to live in rouged habitats that are too harsh for other animals. These factors combined with the Aoudad's sense of smell, hearing and alertness to danger; make it a very challenging animal to hunt.

During World War II, American solders stationed in North Africa were the first to recognize that only the most rugged and bravest men from the local African villages would test their manhood by hunting these animals. As a result, it was arranged after the war (late 40s & early 50s) to have some of these animals shipped to ranches in Texas. The animals could not be fenced in and escaped and have successfully proliferated on Texas land, which is easier to live on than their home range.

Based on their proliferation, it has been estimated that the Aoudad population in Texas has grown 1800% since 1963. Actual numbers across Texas are not known but have been speculated by researchers to be 25,000 animals.

An Aoudad is measured by its horns. An average horn on an adult male is approximately 29 inches. There are trophy Aoudads with 30 to 34-inch horns available but they are rare. Hunters would have to pass on a few rams in order to find something that big, which is easier said than done.

We do have an organized Aoudad hunting package. It's takes place on our Marfa ranch. Excellent accommodations are available.