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Black Buck Hunting:

Texas Location: Brackettville Ranch
Country of Origin: India, Nepal and Western Pakistan
Name Variations: Blackbuck Antelope
Black Buck Hunting Gallery

The Black Buck Antelope's native land is in India, Nepal and Western Pakistan. They are an extremely exotic animal and adored by hunters as a great prize for their attractive horns, which makes a beautiful mount. The Black Buck Antelope was introduced to Texas in 1932. Since then, they have flourished with numbers increasing every year.

The Black Buck is also a challenge to hunt. They have keen senses and can detect danger from long distances. They also have a top speed of 50 mph and have been known to jump over high fences and log piles with ease.

We have a good population of Black Bucks on our ranch. They take advantage of the many deer feeding stations and water holes, which is where we strategically place our tree stands. Hunting can also take place on the ground.

A 28-inch horn on a male is considered a trophy. We do have bucks on our land that appear to be 29 or 30 inches, but they are not common.

We do have an organized Black Buck hunting package. This hunt is available at our Brackettville Ranch, which has excellent accommodations with all the comforts of home.