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Fallow Deer Hunting:

Texas Location: Brackettville Ranch
Country of Origin: Europe & Great Britain
Name Variations: Dama Dama

We have Fallow Deer on our Brackettville Ranch. These animals are truly an exotic species and considered a very prestigious trophy hunt. Our Fallow Deer hunting is a package hunt. Our accommodations are clean and comfortable with all the amenities of home. Below is some background information on the Fallow Deer.

The Fallow Deer, native to the Mediterranean countries of Europe and North Africa, occurs in 3 distinct color phases here in Texas. One phase is an almost melanistic or near black color pattern with a white rump patch. The second phase is a white or cream colored animal which looks whiter during the winter than in its summer coat.

The white fallow is the most common color phase in Texas. The third color phase is a rich fawn with white spots in summer and a uniform grayish brown, with little or no spotting, in winter. The adult male Fallow Deer stands between 32 and 48 inches high at the shoulder and weighs up to 200 pounds. Fallow Deer antlers are broadly palmated with several small tines and 1 large tine arising from the palm. A good set of antlers will measure at least 28 inches in length with an inside span of 24 inches or more.