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Feral Hog Hunting:

Texas Location: Marfa & Brackettville Ranches
Ancient Country of Origin: Russia and Eastern Europe
Introduced to US Mainland: From the Caribbean by Spanish Explorers
Name Variations: Russian Boar, Europian Boar

Feral Hogs are tough with a very nasty temper. They are an ancient species, which were thought to evolve in Europe and Russia. This is why the species is also known as the European Boar and the Russian Boar. They have been on this Earth for hundreds of thousands of years and have survived many ice ages. This makes them a challenging and a potentially dangerous animal to hunt. Archeologists have discovered that the wild boar has been feared and worshiped by many cultures dating back to 7000 BC. They are also prized for their fantastic tasting meat. Many hunters describe their meat as lean-&-low-fat pork.

The population of Feral Hog in Texas is steadily rising with many individual Texas Counties reporting as many as 20,000 hogs. It is estimated that there are over one million feral Hogs in Texas. There have been confirmed claims of hogs reaching 800 pounds but most Feral hogs seen by hunters on our ranch are between 100 and 400 pounds. The Russian strain, known as the Russian Boar, is the most rare and considered the top prize for seasoned boar hunters.

Hunting for hogs on our ranch is done in the safety of our tree stands, Feral Hog can be harvested in conjunction with an antelope or Mule Deer hunt. Our accommodations are clean, well equipped and have all the comforts of home.