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Javelina Hunting:

Texas Location: Marfa Ranch
Country of Origin: Central and South America
Name Variations: Peccary

The Javelina evolved as a Central and South American rainforest inhabitant, and over time, has extended its range northward to include the much drier regions of the Southwestern USA. They live as long as 16 years and can reach 60 pounds.

These animals generally stay clear of people but have been known to be quite vicious when cornered or threatened. When threatened, they open and close their mouths rapidly producing an eerie sound. Their large teeth clicking together produce this sound.

They generally travel in small herds of 3 to 11 individuals. There have been herds of 17 Javelina reported in Texas by researchers. Javalina are common on our Marfa Ranch and we do have a hunting package for them. Hunting can take place in our tree stands, which are strategically placed near feeding and water stations, which attract Javelina. Hunters can also track these animals on foot. These animals are fast and smart, which makes they a challenge and a lot of fun to hunt. Hunters will enjoy a high success rate due to the fact that it has been estimated that there are over 80,000 Javelina in Texas, with a great number on our Marfa Ranch.

The Javelina is not a member of the swine family and is greatly prized for it's tender and lean meat, which is fast becoming a southwestern delicacy with a growing demand. Javelina can be harvested in conjunction with an antelope or Mule Deer hunt.