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Mouflan Ram Hunting:

Texas Location: Brackettville Ranch
Country of Origin: Sardinia, Corsica, Malta and Cyprus
Name Variations: Mouflon, Bovidae
Mouflan Ram Hunting Gallery

The Mouflan Ram, also spelled "Mouflon Ram" is a cunning and intelligent animal. They are strong, fast and very agile over rocks and through thick bushes. These factors combined are why the Mouflan Ram is one of the most popular exotic big game animals in Texas. Stalking these beasts will take all your patience and hunting skills.

The Mouflan Ram's native land is in the Sardinia and Corsica mountains, which is much more harsh than any landscape in Western Texas, thus the Mouflon Rams on our Brackettville ranch are large and well fed. It is estimated that their numbers have dropped to under 700 animals in their native land but have been flourishing in Texas with a population that has been steadily increasing for over 30 years.

Males can weigh as much as 120 pounds. There are trophy size rams on our ranch that are much bigger. These big rams can also have horns in the 28 to 34-inch range, which is much larger than the average size of 25 inches. As you can tell from our photo gallery, our guests enjoy a very high success rate.

We have a package hunt for Mouflan. Our accommodations are excellent with all the comforts of home.