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Mountain Lion Hunting:

Texas Location: Marfa Ranch
Country of Origin: North, Central and South America
Name Variations: Cougar, Puma, Panther, Catamount

Mountain Lion numbers have been on the increase steadily for many years. Pesticides and poisons were the Mountain Lion's biggest enemy but since many of these chemicals were outlawed, Mountain Lions have been making a very successful comeback.

Another factor affecting their population increase is goat and sheep farming is declining significantly in Texas. Goats and sheep are well known for damaging natural habitat, which Whitetail Deer need to prosper. Goat and sheep farms, with damaged and baron land, are being replaced by lush wild grasslands thus the Whitetail Deer population has exploded in Texas. Whitetail Deer is the favorite prey of the Mountain Lion. The abundance of food has allowed the Mountain Lion to prosper once again in its native habitat.

Texas Parks and Wildlife can only confirm that the number of mountain lions in Texas is increasing, but to what extent is unknown. Males can weigh as much as 165 pounds and be 12 feet from their head to the tip of their tail. Females are usually smaller and around 100 pounds.

Hunts take place on our Marfa Ranch. Accommodations are clean and comfortable with many luxuries not common to such a remote hunting camp.

Hunting a Mountain Lion is free with any of our package hunts. They are an allusive animal and most guest that see them were hunting for other more common game, which is why we do not have an organized hunt specifically for Mountain Lions.