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Red Deer Hunting:

Texas Location: Brackettville Ranch
Country of Origin: Great Britain & Europe
Name Variations: Red Stag, Red Elk, Wapiti

The Red Deer, also known in North America by the Shawnee word "Wapiti", meaning white rump, is the second largest deer on Earth, next to the Moose, and can weight up to 1000 pounds. They average around 750 pounds and are usually 4 to 5 feet at the shoulder. They are prized for their large antlers and their delicious meat, which in Europe, is only available to a few lucky people. To hunt and harvest one of these giants is truly a prestigious trophy to add to your list.

The Red Deer originated in Great Britain, with the greatest populations being in Scotland, and is now found throughout wilderness areas in Europe. Red Deer in Europe do not have the vast amounts of free-range that Red Deer have in Texas. As a result, some of the biggest Red Deer in the world are found in Texas. Texas also has the highest populations of Red Deer.

Red Deer are found on our Brackettville Ranch and in good numbers. Due to high demand, we have a hunting package specifically for Red Deer. We have over 100 feeder stations and water holes set up for Whitetails. These stations attract Red Deer so our hunting guests enjoy a high success rate. The accommodations at our Bracketville Ranch are clean and fully equipped with all the comforts of home.