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Sika Deer Hunting:

Texas Location: Brackettville Ranch
Country of Origin: Eastern Siberia, Korea, Eastern China, and Japan
Name Variations: Shika

We have Sika Deer on our Brackettville Ranch. These animals are truly an exotic species and considered a very prestigious trophy hunt. Our Sika Deer hunting is a package hunt. Our accommodations are clean and comfortable with all the amenities of home. Below is some background information on the Sika Deer.

Native to Europe and Asia, the Sika Deer are animals of medium size, varying in shoulder height from about 25 inches in one of the Japanese races to about 43 inches in the Dybowski's Sika from Manchuria. The antlers of an adult male are usually 8 tines (4 to the side) but antlers having 5 or 6 tines per side sometimes occur. Antler length ranges from 18 inches for the Japanese race to 34 inches in the Dybowski's Sika.

Body weight of Sika deer range from as little as 100 pounds up to 330 pounds. The general color patterns in Sika deer range from a dark brown to near black in the Japanese race to a rich chestnut red color with light spots in the Formosan and Manchurian races. All Sika deer, except for the melanistic Japanese race, exhibit a white caudal or rump patch of white hair. Sika deer also have a dark dorsal stripe from the back of the head to the tail. Males will generally develop a mane similar to the American elk.