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Whitetail Deer Hunting:

Texas Location: Brackettville Ranch
Country of Origin: USA and Canada
Name Variations: White Tailed Deer
Whitetail Deer Hunting Gallery # 1
Whitetail Deer Hunting Gallery # 2
Whitetail Deer Hunting Gallery # 3
Whitetail Deer Hunting Gallery # 4

Texas has one of the best Whitetail Deer populations in North America. It is estimated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that there are over 4,000,000 Whitetail Deer in Texas. Some of the highest concentrations of Whitetail can be found on our Brackettville Ranch.

We have so many trophy Whitetails on our ranch, we only allow hunters to take an 8-pointer or better. You can see from our photo gallery that guest enjoy outstanding deer hunting. Hunting on our Brackettville Ranch may be your best chance at the trophy Whitetail of your dreams.

The main Ranch consists of 10,000 acres, two miles North of Brackettville on FM 674. There is also another ranch of about 8,400 acres 10 miles northwest of our main ranch. Our accommodations are clean and comfortable and have luxuries that are not commonly found in such a remote hunting camp.

There are approximately 70 comfortable (two-man) deer blinds about 12 to 15-feet tall on the property. There are approximately 100 deer feeders that feed corn year round to attract deer and other big game. Wide-open cleared areas through the brush called "senderos" allow our hunters to see plenty of game. It is not unusual to see over a hundred deer per day.

We also have 8 water-stations, which capture rainwater and are also supplied by pumped well water. This attracts great populations of Whitetails including the big bucks, which always feed or drink first. Our tree stands are strategically placed along routes that the Whitetails use when coming to and from our stations. Our hunting guests not only enjoy an extremely high success rate (always over 90%), our guests can have the confidence to pass on many Whitetails and wait for the big ones. You will not be disappointed.

In 2006, deer season is November 4th through January 7, 2007.